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Here is a list of things to do and see in the Boston area.

General Links - Boston Globe online. For weather, news, or current happenings. - comprehensive site full of helpful links for touring around Boston.
The Freedom Trail - 2.5 mile walk through Boston highlighting historical sites.

Duck Tours - unique tour of Boston highlighted by a splash into the River Charles.
- helpful listing of other tours.
Blue Man Group - unusual, funny, and inspirational... don't miss this show!

Boston Museum of Science - be sure to check out the Omni theater and laser show.
Harvard Museum of Natural History - skeletons of prehistoric mammals and stuff. Peabody Museum archaeology,ethnology, and great Native American exhibits.
New England Aquarium - Leigh's personal favorite!
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - from ancient Egyptian sculptures to modern paintings.
The Children's Museum - fun museum destination for kids.
Decordova Sculpture Garden - funky, and fun - perfect for the whole family.
Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum - temporally closed due to fire?

Local Destinations
Salem Massachusetts - shop downtown or visit the many museums. ( 30 mins)
Walden Pond
- swim in Thoreu's pond, or hike around the park. (20 mins)
Plimoth Plantation - historical reconstruction of 1637 Plymouth and the Mayflower (1 hr)
Cape Cod - Drive or take a ferry to Provincetown, National Seashore or Martha's Vinyard

travel info :: airports :: accommodations :: attractions